Generally, there are two types of almonds:

A) Sweet almond

 B) Bitter almond

Fruit of Almond tree is as a shaft whose rind is green and covered with fluff/fuzz within which there is the almond with a hard shell. At the beginning of the fruit generation, the outer covering is green and fleshy which is covered with fluff/hair and still not developed properly so that it is known as Amandon and has special properties. After becoming ripe, its outer green covering gradually gets dried and its shell gets rigid and hard. Its kernel gets grown and ready for use.

Almond itself is sweet, and has a gentle/mild and delicious taste which is easily recognized from bitter almond.

All parts of the sweet almond tree like blossoms, leaves and fruits are used for treatment.

 Therapeutic properties of almonds

Almond helps to lose weight and reduce cholesterol.

Being on a diet that contains almonds reduces not only the level of cholesterol, but also the level of C-reactive protein which is a pointer for atherosclerosis. These cramps are problematic to the heart.

Almond protect us against cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Healthy fats in almonds can help lose weight.

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