The best pistachio in the world is produced in Iran (in cities Kerman, Rafsanjan and Damqan). Pistachio is a great nutritious fruit containing vitamins B1, B3 and E. Moreover, it contains nutrients such as Iron, Potassium, Phosphor, and Calcium.

Pistachio Properties:

Having iron, it is hematopoietic. Therefore, those who suffer from anemia should definitely consume some pistachio daily.

It strengthens the stomach.

It builds up brain and mouth.

It is useful to soothe heart and nerves.

Eating pistachios boosts sex drive.

It is useful to relieve cough.

It cures ordinary diarrhea and dysentery.

Bark and leaf decoction of pistachio tree is useful for both pain and itching.

It avoids the risk of cardiovascular diseases and the coronary occlusion due to blood deposits. It also reduces blood cholesterol.

 Variety of pistachio:

Akbary, Kaleqochi, Ahmadaghaii.

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